Munsterlander dog
I have always been interested in the countryside and all that it contains. Growing up on a small island gave me an idilic childhood surrounded by abundant wildlife. As a schoolboy I became fascinated with ornithology and oology, the latter I soon grew out of and replaced it with my growing interest in wildlife photography.

The flora and fauna of my surroundings and I was soon raising and caring for many fledgling birds, this developed into my early interest in falconry.
I raised and trained a young Kestrel which often accompanied me to school.
Falconry developed into a lifelong passion and is covered in much greater detail at my website eaglefalconer.

With falconry being my core interest it has spurred a number of additional interests which also take on a life of their own.
Through falconry I became very interested in working dogs, leather work to construct falconry furniture, photography both still and video to record my raptor both working and breeding.
Later I improved my writing and have had many articles published and I have sold a good number of my images to magazines and book publishers.

Through my interest in falconry I have travelled to Europe, North America, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Korea and China. Some of these adventures can accessed through my falconry website Eaglefalconer and Eaglehunter.

I have always loved communicating with like minded people and in my early life I was a prodigious letter writer, then the advent of e-mail brought the immediacy to communication and now through web site creation I am able to share much of what I learned and collected.

If you wish to share your views or ask any questions of me please use the contact page.