Interests of Alan Gates
I created this site to share my additional interests such as travel, photography, ornithology and any other item that interests me.
The main interest that has dominated my life for so long is falconry. This can be an enormous subject, and for me encompasses many additional interests such as falconry art, falconry furniture manufacture, raptor biology and raptor breeding, working dogs and dog training etc., much of this is well covered in my main site

Here, I wanted a place to add anything that I found interesting that did not really fit into the falconry remit.

So to start with I am adding some of the many images I have taken on my travels to my Gallery, as time permits this section will grow and be divided into chapters.

My first Chapter is China. These images are non-falconry and additional to my Chinese Chapters found in the extensive Eaglefalconer Photogallery. These are general tourist type images of the popular sites as well as some additional things that interested me.

Throughout my travels all over China I have been accompanied by my friend and guide Jane Yeo. Jane's skill and knowledge has enabled me to be accepted into Chinese homes and culture with a great deal more ease then had I attempted this on my own. She is an exceptional guide and is highly regarded and recommended.

Now I am pleased to add the Mongolian chapter to my Gallery, here are a few extra interesting pictures in addition to the bigger Mongolian PhotoGallery at

I started planning another trip to western Mongolia for the early winter of 2008, but deep in the back of my mind was the fact that I was no longer as fit as I once had been. I began to think of the long days in the saddle as we ride high in the mountains, ...well the only thing for it was to get back on my bike.

Bike riding, or should I say bike touring had once been a passion of mine, but that was well over twenty years ago.
It had all started with a desire to cycle to work and culminated in long distance cycle-camping touring. Visit this gallery to see the "then and now".

It is probably natural that having a love of animals and the countryside one would also appreciate the skills of talented wildlife artists, and so it has been for me. Recently I built an online gallery for a very talented Russian wildlife artist, Vadim Gorbatov. It represents just a fraction of his work and I have a second batch of his paintings to add at a later date making this the largest online gallery of his work. Visit Vadim Gorbatov's wildlife Gallery here.

These days I seem to be able to allocate a little more time to an old hobby of mine, wildlife and in particular bird photography. I have already added a few old shots into small galleries on the Gallery section of this site, but as my involvement increases I will soon need to add additional supplement pages to include some of my videos and some of the special equipment I am using.

Recently I spent a week along the coast of the Firth of Forth in Scotland and also on the coast of Northumberland, this included a visit to the Bass Rock, the Isle of May and the Farne Islands filming and photographing the vast colonies of seabirds. A selection of images are in my Seabird Gallery.

My recent visit to the Bass rock did not yeld the dramatic video footage of gannets plunge diving as I had hoped for, but it did give me a great opportunity to take hundreds of still images as I sat amongst the nesting birds.

I had been lucky one special day when I decided to scramble to the base of the 400 foot Bempton Cliffs on the North East coast of England not far from where I live. I have been so use to looking and photographing the birds from the top of the cliffs it was very dramatic to be at the base of these huge cliffs.

My luck was in as just off shore a fairly large group of gannets spied a shoal of fish and started to plunge dive, I had my panasonic video camera on hand and laid back on a large boulder to steady the shot which was at full zoom.

Raycris Jewele, Large Munsterlander At long last I finally sorted my lifestyle out and made the time to get another working dog puppy. After the enormous success I had training my last dog I was drawn back to the same breed and from the same Kennels which is the famous Raycris kennels for Large Munsterlanders. My new puppy is a bitch and her pet name is "Gracie" but her kennel name is Raycris Jewele. I have created a page so I can share images and short video clips as she spends her first year, after that I expect things will get more serious and her exploits will be documented on my falconry site as I want to work her with a new goshawk.
Leupold RCX-2 Trail Camera Finally I found a manufacturer of trail camera that seemed to suit what I was looking for.